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Boaventura Hikers Comfort

Caminho Nova da Faja do Penedo 54
Sao Vicente
Madeira 9240-023

Emergency Services : 112

Owner contact: Keith Davies+351 961 307 054
+44 7879 495105
WiFi SSID: HikersComfortPassword: Madeira21


  • The door can lock automatically so ALWAYS take your key! The same key fits all doors.
  • The water pressure is lower and the flow slower than you expect.
  • The first aid box is located in the bathroom.
  • Rubbish bins are located on the road outside Black:Landfill; Blue:Card & paper; Green: Glass; Yellow: Plastic
  • Take care when using hot water and cooking.


In addition to the 150+ MEO channels you may use your own accounts to view Netflix or PRIME. The following table gives a summary of common favourite channels but please be aware that channels numbers do change etc.

News channels
1 (Pt)
61 SkyNews
51 BBC World
59 EuroNews
73 TVEIHD (Es)
18 France 24(Fr)
54 DW (De)
For Kids
21 Disney
28 Cartoon Network
22 Biggs
19 Sic K
72 Panda
71 JimJam
101 Lolly kids
29 Nickelodeon
9 Sporting TV
10 Eurosport 1
75 Sport TV +
40 Discovery
36 National
38 Historia
57 Mezzo
39 VH 1
56 MCM
41 Afro Music
85 Cine MUNDO
87 Hollywood
25 Fox Movies
14 Fox HD
27 FoxCrime HD
26 FoxComedy

Car rental usually has a range of small cars available which can be delivered or collected from Caminho das Fontes, casa 6, SAO VICENTE, MADEIRA 9240-224

Tel : 916 192 859

Rent a Car Licence 138/2020

Hiking in Madeira

It is always best not to walk alone and to take your mobile phone. Plan your route in advance and check Levada and other routes are open if the weather is wet. Traffic on some of the roads can be faster than you might expect so take care and be alert for lorries and buses which take up more than half the road!

Renting a car is probably the best option to explore all of the Island.

See our website for links to tours etc

What's in Boaventura?

The house is located in a quiet semi-rural location which can serve as a base to explore the North Coast from Santana to Porto Moniz. The centre of Boaventura to the West towards Sao Vicente has a mini market and pharmacy. To the East is Arco de Sao Jorge with its famous Rose Gardens.

The nearest large supermarket, Continente Modelo, is in Santana, visible from the road to Machico and about 20 minute drive.

There is a mini mercado on ER101, some bars and coffee shops within walking distance including the Portadas restaurant with a traditional but limited menu. There is a daily visit from the fishmonger's van and from the fruit/vegetable lorry.

If you get bored of the local scenery there are regular but infrequent bus services. The Ponta Delgada pool complex is 10 minutes drive or an hour's walk. Taxis are best for Levada walks. We recommend the Windy Maps App but there is also the Walkme app.

There are several places to eat in and around Boaventura. Our favourites include Restaurante São Cristóvão 10 minutes drive to the West and Restaurante Calamar along ER101 towards Sao Vicente.

What to do?

You've probably already visited and planned your visit. But in case you havent ...

Machico and Calheta have great sandy beaches (with car parking)

The Levada walks vary in length and difficulty

No visit to Madeira is complete without a seeing the traditional Santana houses and a trip to Funchal.

The Hob has touch sensitive controls. Touch the on/off on the right then the switch for the ring you want to control. Use the +/- buttons to increase or decrease the heat.

There is also a child lock. Touch and hold to release.

Warning: The rings remain hot after being turned off!

Turn the middle switch to the right for the time required or to the left for unlimited time.

Set the temperature with the right switch.

It is recommended that you use both top and bottom elements but the grill is also good.

Turn the power on using and select the programme using the dial on the right.

Put powder in the right side of the tray and conditioner in the front left.

The spin speed and temperature can be overridden using the buttons.

Push the start button on the left. More information in the manual.