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Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is made between the Landlord E Keith Davies (NIF 305 466 836) and You identified by your email address concerning the rental of an Apartment in Madeira identified on the booking form/email confirmation from

  1. Subject to these terms and conditions the Landlord rents the apartment to You for temporary residence and no other purpose during the period specified in the booking form/email confirmation.
  2. You will not pay a deposit but will pay the rent in advance by Card or bank transfer or another agreed method for the entire period unless it is agreed to pay a week or a month in advance.
  3. If You cancel more than 1 week before the start of the rental period you will get a full refund.
  4. If You cancel later than 1 week before the start of the rental period you will only get a refund of any payment for the second and subsequent weeks of the rental period.
  5. You will not have an automatic right to extend the rental period.
  6. The rent includes the costs of electricity, gas, water and Internet/TV which the Landlord pays for.
  7. The rent includes all taxes (including IVA and IMI) and condomium fees.
  8. You will take care of the furniture and fittings etc and not cause damage to the structure and be liable for the costs of repairs which result from your breach of this Agreement and/or your negligence and/or malicious acts. In addition, You will replace or pay for the replacement of any damaged or broken plates, dishes, glasses, cups, saucepans etc. The Landlord will be responsible for all other repairs necessary to maintain the property in a condition fit for residential use.
  9. You will not make any changes to the property including to the fittings and fixtures without written permission.
  10. You will be responsible to keeping the property clean and tidy.
  11. Unless otherwise agreed your arrival time will be between 15:00 and 21:00 on the first day and you will leave before 10:00 in the morning following your last night.
  12. You will comply with local laws including providing identification details in a timely manner and will not be a nuisance or cause additional costs to the Landlord or the neighbours. You will not use the Apartment for any illegal, immoral or business purpose. The maximum occupancy will not exceed that which You paid for.
  13. The personal information you provide will be submitted to the relevant Government authorities who store it for an unknown time. We can also access and use this information. We will not provide this information to third parties.
  14. The Apartment and terrace/balcony is strictly no smoking, no parties and no loud noise/music between 23:00 and 07:00. Chidren under 18 must be accommpanied by an adult.
  15. In the event of a breach of this Agreement which cannot be resolved in a timely manner, the other party may give 1 week's notice of termination when any payment which relates to after termination will be refunded. If breach occurs prior to the start of the tenancy the Landlord may terminate the Agreement immediately without any refund.
  16. All notices and communications regarding this Agreement shall be in writing and sent by email.
  17. This Agreement supercedes any previous agreements and any amendments must be in writing and agreed by both parties.
  18. Any issue not provided for in this Agreement will be governed by the applicable Portuguese law.